Why TCS iON Digital App Hub

Why iON

Applications with Focused Functionality

Digital business applications with narrow functional focus (point solutions) that enable businesses digitally transform specific processes regardless of overall organizational digital maturity.

Simple to Deploy and Consume

Plug and play applications that are simple to operate, ensuring quick deployment and user adoption with minimal effort.

Scalable and Flexible

Scalable applications that allow businesses to consume applications on demand ensuring flexibility and agility in digital adoption.

Cloud based applications

Applications leveraging cloud technologies to deliver cost efficiencies.

Browse, Buy, Manage and Consume from One Place

Single integrated platform to help businesses find, buy, manage and consume digital applications for a wide range of business requirements.

Pay as you use Commercial Model

Subscription based commercial model, enabling businesses to build as they grow.

See who recommends TCS iON

Ajitesh Basani,
Executive Director, Acharya Bangalore Business School
Mr. Anil Parakh,
CFO, Meghe Group of Institutions
Mr. Chitresh Lather,
CEO, PDM College
Dr Gagandeep Sharma,
Controller of Examination, Goswami Ganesh Dutta Sanatan Dharma College
Mr Girish Mangla,
Director, Mangla Engineering Ltd.
Dr. Meena Chintamaneni,
Registrar, NMIMS
Mrs. Megha Sanjiv Patange,
Director, Emil Pharmaceutical Industries Pvt Ltd
Mr. Prithvi Singh Budhiraja,
Director, Moflex Suspensions Pvt. Ltd
Mr. Raghav Bansal,
Director, Paras Lubricants Limited
Ms. Rajashri Biswas,
Principal, Garden High School
Dr. S.Vaidhyasubramaniam,
Dean, SASTRA University
Mr. Shrikant Rasane,
Co-Founder & Director, SEED Infotech Ltd
Mr Sunil Patwari,
CEO, Rashmi Group

About TCS iON Digital App Hub

Transforming India with Solutions to Empower Businesses!

With digital technologies fast permeating all aspects of businesses, global businesses - large and small alike are reimagining themselves as leaner, responsive data-centric organizations.   While the Indian IT and technology sectors have been at the forefront of the digital revolution, the wider Indian Business Community, especially the small and medium businesses have been lagging in digital adoption, with a vast majority of businesses even lacking any online presence. In order to remain competitive and relevant in the modern globalised economy, it is imperative to accelerate digital adoption amongst this business community. The TCS iON Digital App Hub envisions enabling businesses to effectively compete in the market and scale, leveraging the power of Digital. The Hub is a first of its kind digital market place that brings together an ecosystem of app owners, go-to-market partners, businesses and business users on the same platform.

Digital Tools for Scale and Growth of Businesses

The TCS iON Digital App Hub offers easy-to-configure-and-consume digital applications to enhance the productivity and efficiency of various business processes. These applications are point solutions with a narrow functionality, making the overall consumption simple. These set of curated business applications endeavours to support businesses to get better market access, enhance their efficiencies, manage their costs, get access to real time data for quick decision making, and ensure compliance to various regulatory and process requirements.

Integrated and Targeted Solutions for Users

Business users can access all the applications they have been provided access for on one page. They can launch the application from this page, view the usage statistics, and access any information about the application.

Increased Market Access for App Owners

App owners can offer their innovative products on the platform. Through the TCS iON Digital App Hub platform, they would get access to existing businesses leveraging the hub for digital applications, and also get access to an ecosystem of go-to-market (GTM) partners. These GTM partners bring in a large ecosystem of last mile sales capability and help reach a wider consumer base.

Enabling Seamless Experience for Stakeholders

The overall working of this platform is fairly simple. The TCS iON Digital App Hub platform essentially integrates with:

  1. Various business applications (TCS Apps, 3rd Party Apps)
    to allow application related user and subscription management from the App Hub.
  2. Payment Gateway
    to manage the financial transaction between the GTM partner or the business and the App owner. The App Hub has a unique capability to split the subscription fee between the application owner and the platform owner.
  3. GTM Partners CRM system
    to manage leads, contracting and solution provisioning.

As the first of its kind e-commerce marketplace, it is a well-thought and innovative concept with a novel intention of simplifying the consumption of IT for businesses.

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